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Helping you take action after asbestos exposure

It can feel like you life is put on pause when you receive the news that you are diagnosed with cancer. And for some, it can feel as though their life as they have known it is over, as their new life will be focused on treatment.

Although one is focused on seeking medical care to fight their cancer, he or she may question how they developed this illness. In some cases, their tragic diagnosis could be related to an expose to something harmful.

Do you remember how to drive on icy roads?

With the first measurable snowfall of the 2018 winter, Kansas City drivers encountered a mess on area roadways. In fact, according to news reports, the storm contributed to 86 accidents that resulted in 10 serious injuries and two fatalities. 

While the dog days of summer may seem to stretch on forever, winter is just around the corner. According to the 2020 Old Farmer’s Almanac, the areas first hard frost should occur on or about October 28, 2020. With icy roads not far behind, you must remember how to drive when temperatures plummet. Here are some tips: 

How common is elder abuse?

Placing an aging loved one in a nursing home facility has become the norm in Missouri and elsewhere. Family members are often unable to take on the task of caring for an elderly family member on their own, which means they will rely on a nursing home to provide the care and assistance their loved one requires. Finding a good nursing home, however, can be challenging, as nursing home abuse and neglect has become more and more concerning across the nation.

How common is elder abuse? Based on current statistics from the National Center on Elder Abuse, roughly 10% of aging adults experience some form of abuse, with these occurring most frequently at nursing home facilities. This makes it imperative for family members to not only take the time to understand the facility they are placing a loved one at but also know the signs of neglect and abuse.

Proving inadequate security in a premises liability action

When individuals in Missouri enter the property of others as a visitor, guest or patron, they are likely under the impression that they are safe to be on the premises. For the most part, private and public property owners take steps to ensure their property is safe. Unfortunately, this does not always occur, as an unsuspecting visitor could suffer significant harm because a property owner failed to ensure their property is safe and secure.

At The Backer Law Firm, LLC, we understand that victims of a slip-and-fall or other incidents on the premises of another may not be aware that negligence was the cause of the accident. Our attorneys not only take the time to further investigate the matter but also ensure our clients in the Independence area understand their rights and options when it comes to holding a property owner accountable for their injuries and losses.

Understanding the Telephone Consumer Protection Act

There was a time when getting a phone call was an exciting experience; however, with current technology and the ability to see who is calling, many of these calls go ignored. Seeing an unknown number often means that it is not a party one wants to speak with. Specifically, the caller is likely a telemarketer and likely a call one does not want to take. While it is easy to let a call go, this is not so easy when the same number calls repeatedly, even calling during the morning and evening hours.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act came into action as a response to the increased rate of consumer complaints regarding marketing calls and pre-recorded messages. These rules outline what information a telemarketer or anyone soliciting via phone to provide. This include his or her name, the name of the entity they are call on behalf of and a telephone or address the entity can be reached at. Furthermore, this Act prohibits calls from being made before 8:00 a.m. and after 9:00 p.m.

Helping you address concerns of nursing home abuse

We all age and it is a part of life that we must accept. Nonetheless, many of us are not prepared to deal with what comes with a longer life expectancy. While residents in Missouri and elsewhere attempt to accommodate and help aging loved ones, the reality is that many are unable to take on this task. Because of this, nursing home facilities are relied on to provide the care a loved one requires.

When one makes the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home, there tends to be a lot of pressure to place them in the best facility possible. Unfortunately, this is a concern that things could go wrong; especially since occurrences of nursing home abuse and neglect are becoming more and more prevalent. At the Backer Law Firm, LLC, our attorneys are well versed in this area of law, and our law firm is prepared to help those concerned with nursing home abuse navigate these matters.

How does negligence apply to motor vehicle accident claims?

Sometimes car accidents happen during your daily commute. Other times they happen on your way to the grocery store or coming home from a party. Ultimately, though, most of the time no one anticipates being involved in a motor vehicle accident on any given day. Unfortunately, Missouri is no stranger to car crashes. When a person is involved in an auto accident that leaves them with injuries, they may want to pursue a legal claim against the responsible party.

In general, motor vehicle accident claims are based on the legal theory of "negligence." Motorists have a legal duty to drive reasonably under the circumstances. If they breach this duty, and the breach is both the actual and proximate cause of an accident that injures or kills another person, then the motorist may be responsible for compensating the accident victim for any damages suffered. It is the plaintiff in a negligence case who carries the burden of proving that the defendant was negligent and that all the elements of a negligence claim are met. Only once these legal elements are proven can compensation be recovered.

3 benefits of following the 3-second rule

As summer slowly turns into fall, you must prepare for winter driving. Remember, when ice accumulates on roads, highways and bridges, your vehicle may require a greater distance to stop. As such, you may want to take the end of summer to refresh your driving knowledge. Specifically, you should be sure you understand the three-second rule

When you drive on Missouri’s roadways, you have a responsibility to act reasonably. Following the three-second rule is part of this obligation. That is, you should allow three seconds to transpire between when the car in front of you passes a stationary object and when you do. Here are three benefits of complying with the three-second rule.   

Can semi-trucks drive in the left lane on Missouri highways?

In general, on freeways with at least two lanes of traffic in each direction, the left lane is the passing lane. Sometimes, however, semi-trucks drive in the left lane, making it difficult for other vehicles to pass, and frustrating those who are driving behind the semi-truck.

There are rules regarding whether a semi-truck driver can drive in the left lane, although these rules vary by state and even by city. In Missouri, semi-trucks cannot use the left lane on interstate highways, freeways or expressways in urban areas that have at least three lanes of traffic. This applies to vehicles used in the transportation of goods weighing over 48,000 pounds, freight vehicles and vehicles that carry eight passengers or more, except for vanpools and shuttle buses.

Federal bill would address robo and spam call abuse

In June of this year alone around 4.4 billion robocalls were made in the U.S. This is frustrating and annoying to those in Missouri and elsewhere who find themselves on the receiving end of a robocall, especially when these calls constitute robo and spam call abuse. However, a federal bill addressing this situation, known as the "Stopping Bad Robocalls Act," is moving through the legislative process. It has been approved by the House Energy and Commerce Committee and is now awaiting a vote by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Under this bill, the Federal Communications Commissions must enact regulations regarding automatic dialing systems and artificial call messages that currently allow scammers to get away with sending out millions of calls. The bill would require that those who wish to use robocalls provide proof that they have the permission of the person they're calling to do so, and it would also permit people to withdraw their consent to robocalls.

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