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Commonplace injuries after car accidents

Most days, driving or being a passenger in a motor vehicle is fairly uneventful. It's simply a way to get from point A to point B. However, all of that can change in an instant when you or a loved one is injured in a motor vehicle accident. A collision can cause a multitude of car accident injuries and there are some that are more commonplace than others. If you have been involved in a car accident, it's good to recognize the potential injury outcomes that can result after such a traumatic event.

Head and back injuries are not only common after car accident injuries - they can particularly debilitating and slow to heal. When traveling in a vehicle, the cars often reach speeds at over 50 MPH just prior to an accident collision. The sudden jarring of the car accident incident can easily cause damage to a person's spinal cord and head, especially if it comes into contact with the dash or airbag. Beyond these injuries, there could be injuries to the legs, arms and chest.

Justice after a truck accident

Commercial trucks are usually the largest and heaviest vehicles on the roads today. When these large trucks lose control, malfunction, or otherwise don't operate as intended, it's very likely that an accident will occur and others will be injured as a result. In Missouri, the law allows for personal injury victims to seek answers and compensation for truck accident injuries that occur due to other's negligence. Fault for these accidents may not always be easy to spot upon first glance.

This is because many parties could have had an impact on the fact that a commercial truck caused commercial truck accident injuries. Oftentimes, the truck company and the product being hauled belong to two different companies. If the truck company failed to maintenance their vehicle properly, or if the company of the product being hauled added too much weight to the vehicle, fault would rest on multiple parties. Also, truck drivers are expected to be properly trained and regulated, failure to do so could indicate fault of the truck company. Of course, truckers themselves can be held liable if they act negligently while behind the wheel.

Essential motorcycle safety tips for summer riding

Now that summer is on the horizon, you are likely taking your motorcycle out more frequently. As a motorcyclist, nothing is better than when the winter storms and spring showers go away. Just because you are safer from inclement weather does not mean the roads are inherently safe. In fact, summer is the perfect season to review some essential motorcycle safety guidelines.

More congestion, construction work and young drivers can make summer riding dangerous. Here are some suggestions for being a safe motorcyclist this summer. 

Left-turn collision sends 8 people to hospital

Left turns on heavily traveled city streets spawn a disproportionate share of urban traffic accidents. Deciphering the causes of these accidents can also prove difficult for even experienced accident investigators. A left turn collision in Kansas City, Kansas on April 4 sent eight people to the hospital with a variety of injuries.

A Honda Pilot was headed south on South Seventh Street when it collided with a northbound Mercury Mountaineer. Police officers at the scene said that their first impression was that the southbound Pilot tried to make a left turn in front of the oncoming Mountaineer and crashed into the Mountaineer.

Veteran alleged to be victim of nursing home neglect

Nursing homes are supposed to provide expert care for the elderly and disabled, but the truth often varies from the image that nursing homes try to project. The two sisters of a soldier who served two tours in Iraq know this all too well. They have recently come forward with stories of how their brother has been severely neglected in a Kansas City nursing home that supposedly had significant expertise in caring for brain injured patients.

The solder was hit by a car in Kansas City after returning from overseas duty in the Middle East. The family felt that he required around-the-clock care, so they moved him to a long-term care facility in Raymore, Missouri. According to one of the man's sisters, the quality of his care declined sharply after the nursing home was purchased by another company. According to the sisters, they often found their brother in urine-soaked sheets. One sister said that he is rarely dressed when they visit, despite having a closet full of clothes. They said that their complaints produced no action from the nursing home's supervisors.

IRS warns about phone scams during tax season

The approach of the filing deadline for individual income tax returns also initiates the season for telephone scams predicated on the population's general anxiety about their income tax liability and the Internal Revenue Service. As a result, people in northern Missouri and Kansas may begin receiving telephone calls from individuals purporting to represent the IRS.

In the early days of telephone scams, scammers attempted to persuade victims to send money to a specified bank account that was unrelated to the IRS. Modern scams are more sophisticated. A common telephone scam occurs when a statement is made indicating that the victim's Social Security number has been suspended because of suspicious activity or concern that it may have been involved in a crime. The victim is then asked to confirm their Social Security number in order to reactivate it. The Social Security number is then used to charge purchases to a credit card or to withdraw money from a bank account.

Driver fleeing police collides with another vehicle

High-speed police pursuits are often controversial, not because the police vehicle is a hazard to other drivers but because the driver attempting to escape becomes a significant threat to other drivers. The degree of risk was tragically demonstrated in a recent motor vehicle accident when a car fleeing from Kansas City, Kansas police crossed into Missouri during a lengthy high-speed chase and collided with a sedan occupied by a husband and wife going out for dinner.

Kansas City, Kansas police said the driver hit a police cruiser in the city and then crossed the state line and led police on a 12-mile chase. The chase ended when the fleeing driver ran a red light and slammed into a sedan as it was pulling into a restaurant parking lot. The couple in the sedan survived the collision, but they appear to have suffered severe injuries.

How to spot nursing home abuse

You put a great deal of trust in the nursing home. After all, healthcare providers at the facility must provide for all your aging loved one’s needs. Unfortunately, though, not all professionals provide the same standard of care. Even worse, some engage in heartbreaking elder abuse. 

Because of communication difficulties and embarrassment, uncovering nursing home abuse can be challenging. Simply put, you may need to do some amateur detective work to determine if your loved one is receiving adequate and compassionate care. Here are four common signs of elder abuse in nursing homes: 

Suit alleges nursing home negligence caused death of patient

Patients of nursing homes are among the most vulnerable patients in the health care system. Many of them are unable to take care of themselves or to attend to their medical care. A recently filed lawsuit involving nursing home abuse in Derby, Kansas demonstrates the special vulnerability of these elderly citizens.

According to the complaint, the patient was an 89-year-old woman in the Westview of Darby nursing home. The woman fell from her recliner and hit her leg on a wheel chair. The woman suffered a three-inch bruise that did not heal on its own. Her legs also swelled up. She did not receive any antibiotics until almost a month after the accident. By that time, the wound was fully infected and leaking fluid. The complaint alleges that the nursing home staff failed to provide adequate care or to refer her to a wound clinic for specialized treatment. The complaint also alleged that the staff failed to take account of the woman' diabetes and edema, two conditions that increased her risk of developing skin ulcers. The woman died from the infection three months after the fall.

The 7 huge mistakes accident victims make (Part 7 of 7)

Huge Mistake #7

Not getting a free consultation when one is easily available to you

Now you know a general summary of the 7 huge mistakes that victims of accidents make. It's my sincerest hope that you feel empowered in your fight against the insurance company. The fight is hard enough without making mistakes. Don't be like the people in the stories in this book who botched their cases before they ever had a chance.

Many people feel intimidated by the prospect of seeking legal advice. You're probably already feeling uncertain, so setting up a free consultation can feel like just another complex system you have to negotiate. I can assure you that it does not have to be intimidating.

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