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Report says Missouri is the 48th worst state for teen driving

As parents of teenagers may already know, teens generally do not have the same maturity that adults do. This immaturity combined with a sense that nothing bad could ever happen to them may cause teens to driver recklessly, leading to a motor vehicle accident. Even responsible teens can cause car crashes due to mere inexperience. In fact, one recent report states that Missouri is a particularly bad state when it comes to teen driving.

According to the report, Missouri ranks as the 48th worst state for teen driving in two of the three categories the report analyzed. One category was "safety." This category analyzed fatal car accidents, drunk driving and using a cellphone while behind the wheel. The other category was "driving laws." This category analyzed state laws regarding drunk driving and distracted driving, and how lenient these laws treated drunk driving violations.

How to minimize medication problems at the nursing home

Medication irregularities are not exactly uncommon in nursing homes. When professionals administer medication correctly, your loved one’s quality of life likely improves. Unfortunately, though, you cannot always trust nurses to behave responsibly. In fact, some health care professionals rely heavily on sedatives to control patients. 

While placing an aging parent in a nursing home can be a difficult decision, you want to be sure your parent receives proper care. Put simply, medication irregularities are often evidence of nursing home neglect or abuse. Here are four ways to minimize medication problems at the nursing home. 

Are you a would-be plaintiff in a commercial truck accident?

When the average person thinks of the justice system, they think of a criminal court proceeding. However, there are many facets of the legal system that don't include that exact narrative. You may have never thought that you would become a plaintiff in a lawsuit. However, if you were personally injured after a collision with a commercial truck in Missouri, you may be a candidate for personal injury damages.

And rightly so, especially since a truck accident injury can negatively alter a person's life for months or even years. Beyond the fact that a person's health and well-being is harmed due to truck accident injury, a truck accident injury can also impact a person's ability to earn a living to support themselves and their family. This could be a short or long-term reality after a person's health is impacted in a commercial truck accident. As this isn't generally a situation that happens twice in a person's life -- most truck accident victims have many questions about their legal options following the crash.

About premises liability and negligent security

Personal injury can happen in the most unexpected ways. Many could imagine being injured in a car accident or possibly at work, but most never imagine that they could walk onto a person or company's property and be injured there. Property owners have a duty of care to those who visit their property - especially business owners. Failure to uphold a certain level of care can mean a person could seek damages for injuries rendered.

Part of taking care of your property, for some, means having adequate security patrolling the grounds. This can mean different things for different properties, but it ensures that the tenants/employees/customers that enter the property can be safe and secure. Most importantly, adequate security ensures that those who enter a property and kept watch of thus are better protected from harm.

Mentally ill patient at nursing care facility sexually assaulted

When we think about nursing homes, we often think about a care facility for the elderly. However, there are people of younger age who need care in a similar fashion, but for different reasons.

In addition, we often think of the topic of nursing home abuse as being physical abuse, meaning neglect or a mistake that results in injury. However, nursing home abuse can also be emotional or even, sexual.

Commonplace injuries after car accidents

Most days, driving or being a passenger in a motor vehicle is fairly uneventful. It's simply a way to get from point A to point B. However, all of that can change in an instant when you or a loved one is injured in a motor vehicle accident. A collision can cause a multitude of car accident injuries and there are some that are more commonplace than others. If you have been involved in a car accident, it's good to recognize the potential injury outcomes that can result after such a traumatic event.

Head and back injuries are not only common after car accident injuries - they can particularly debilitating and slow to heal. When traveling in a vehicle, the cars often reach speeds at over 50 MPH just prior to an accident collision. The sudden jarring of the car accident incident can easily cause damage to a person's spinal cord and head, especially if it comes into contact with the dash or airbag. Beyond these injuries, there could be injuries to the legs, arms and chest.

Justice after a truck accident

Commercial trucks are usually the largest and heaviest vehicles on the roads today. When these large trucks lose control, malfunction, or otherwise don't operate as intended, it's very likely that an accident will occur and others will be injured as a result. In Missouri, the law allows for personal injury victims to seek answers and compensation for truck accident injuries that occur due to other's negligence. Fault for these accidents may not always be easy to spot upon first glance.

This is because many parties could have had an impact on the fact that a commercial truck caused commercial truck accident injuries. Oftentimes, the truck company and the product being hauled belong to two different companies. If the truck company failed to maintenance their vehicle properly, or if the company of the product being hauled added too much weight to the vehicle, fault would rest on multiple parties. Also, truck drivers are expected to be properly trained and regulated, failure to do so could indicate fault of the truck company. Of course, truckers themselves can be held liable if they act negligently while behind the wheel.

Essential motorcycle safety tips for summer riding

Now that summer is on the horizon, you are likely taking your motorcycle out more frequently. As a motorcyclist, nothing is better than when the winter storms and spring showers go away. Just because you are safer from inclement weather does not mean the roads are inherently safe. In fact, summer is the perfect season to review some essential motorcycle safety guidelines.

More congestion, construction work and young drivers can make summer riding dangerous. Here are some suggestions for being a safe motorcyclist this summer. 

Left-turn collision sends 8 people to hospital

Left turns on heavily traveled city streets spawn a disproportionate share of urban traffic accidents. Deciphering the causes of these accidents can also prove difficult for even experienced accident investigators. A left turn collision in Kansas City, Kansas on April 4 sent eight people to the hospital with a variety of injuries.

A Honda Pilot was headed south on South Seventh Street when it collided with a northbound Mercury Mountaineer. Police officers at the scene said that their first impression was that the southbound Pilot tried to make a left turn in front of the oncoming Mountaineer and crashed into the Mountaineer.

Veteran alleged to be victim of nursing home neglect

Nursing homes are supposed to provide expert care for the elderly and disabled, but the truth often varies from the image that nursing homes try to project. The two sisters of a soldier who served two tours in Iraq know this all too well. They have recently come forward with stories of how their brother has been severely neglected in a Kansas City nursing home that supposedly had significant expertise in caring for brain injured patients.

The solder was hit by a car in Kansas City after returning from overseas duty in the Middle East. The family felt that he required around-the-clock care, so they moved him to a long-term care facility in Raymore, Missouri. According to one of the man's sisters, the quality of his care declined sharply after the nursing home was purchased by another company. According to the sisters, they often found their brother in urine-soaked sheets. One sister said that he is rarely dressed when they visit, despite having a closet full of clothes. They said that their complaints produced no action from the nursing home's supervisors.

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