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Experienced In Mediation And Arbitration

Mediations in Missouri are confidential. Pursuant to Missouri Statute 435.014, mediators may not be subpoenaed to discuss the content of the mediation discussions. Also, under the Federal Rule of Evidence 408, no offers to compromise may be used to prove liability for or invalidity of any claim.

If you need mediation or arbitration services in Kansas or Missouri, contact an Independence mediation lawyer online or by telephone at 816-399-5219. At The Backer Law Firm, we’ve got your back.

Joseph M. Backer Is An Experienced Mediator With A Record Of Success

At The Backer Law Firm, attorney Joseph M. Backer is Rule 17 certified in Missouri and has been since 2007. We are knowledgeable in personal injury law, employment law, trucking accidents and credit card cases, and have experience working through disputes with insurance companies. Mr. Backer is also on the list of approved neutrals for the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri.

Independence Car Accident Lawyer — Mediating For Better Results

The five biggest complaints regarding mediators:

1. The cost. Why are you paying $400 or more per hour? Most cases can be mediated for $300 per hour with excellent results.

2. The mediator was not tough enough. Why pay someone to carry messages back and forth? Mr. Backer has tried many jury trials to verdict, has tried numerous bench trials and has conducted hundreds of hearings and depositions. He has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in complex litigation. Therefore, he is able to effectively persuade the parties to explore all options when mediating a dispute treading lightly when needed and applying pressure when necessary.

3. The mediator did not understand my case. Mr. Backer will gladly review any materials provided by the parties before the mediation even begins, and discuss the issues, if necessary. This review allows the parties to hit the ground running and begin effectively mediating immediately.

4. The mediation took all day and we made little progress. Few things in life are as frustrating as wasting an entire day in mediation with little or no progress. At multiple points in the process, Mr. Backer assesses whether further mediation would be fruitful. If not, the mediation is adjourned for the day and options to reconvene are explored.

5. The mediator was on the other party’s side. Oftentimes, a party in mediation can feel as though the mediator is choosing sides in the dispute. Mr. Backer is particularly sensitive to the needs of those who do not mediate a great deal. He takes the time necessary to educate the parties on the mediation process.

Mediation brings parties together to resolve their disputes without having to incur all of the costs of going to court. A good mediator must have courtroom and litigation experience in order to fully understand where both parties are coming from and guide them to a resolution. Some parties view negotiations as an adversarial process. Others approach mediations as nothing more than problem-solving negotiations. Mr. Backer views each mediation as its own situation. What works with certain parties on one day may not be fruitful on a different day with different parties. Therefore, Mr. Backer mediates trucking cases and other personal injury cases using active listening. By actively listening, Mr. Backer is able to generate options that move the parties closer to a resolution.

Mediating personal injury cases can be controversial. Aggressive opening statements can set the tone for a difficult mediation and can cause parties to set firm positions in response to what they perceive to be attacking tactics.

Mediating serious personal injury and wrongful death cases is demanding. Mediation sessions are about much more than resolving a case. Parties are emotionally tied to their claims, and a mediator should help to relieve these feelings as well as make the parties know that their attorneys care, and have succeeded for them. Mr. Backer has participated in the mediation of hundreds of cases involving catastrophic injury or death.

Professional Liability/Medical Malpractice

Mediating professional liability and medical malpractice claims is complex. Mr. Backer has handled hundreds of these claims, and understands the intricate and often emotional barriers to settlement. Mr. Backer also has no fewer than two physicians as well as several nurses and other health care workers in his family. This exposure to the medical practice enables Mr. Backer to truly understand the issues when mediating medical cases.

Kansas City mediation and arbitration lawyer Joseph M. Backer has the knowledge required to get results in many areas of mediation, including:

Arbitration In The Kansas City Area

Arbitration is a process in which both sides of a dispute present their issues and claims to a neutral third party, also known as an arbitrator. The arbitrator then takes in all of the information, reviews it and comes to a decision within two or three weeks.

Whether you are seeking mediation or arbitration services, we provide very reasonable fees. If the case involves one plaintiff against one defendant, the cost is $300 per hour. Rates differ if your case involves more parties.

Contact A Kansas City Mediation And Arbitration Lawyer

If you need mediation or arbitration guidance, please contact an Independence car accident attorney who is certified as a mediator in Missouri. You may call us at 816-399-5219 to speak with an accomplished attorney. Our law office is conveniently located near the intersection of I-70 and Noland Road in Independence, Missouri.