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Have You Been Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer?

Many women have used baby powder in their genital area for feminine hygiene purposes. Doctors have found that prolonged use causes ovarian cancer. Baby powder is a common household item, yet it is one of the many products that have recently been linked to different forms of cancer due to contamination from asbestos.

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer after regular exposure to baby powder, Shower to Shower, or other talcum-based items, you may have a case against the companies who produced these dangerous products. When companies hurt people who trusted them to produce safe products, those companies should be held accountable for injuries.

Jury Verdicts Are Being Awarded

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A cancer diagnosis can be very scary, and the medical bills pile up quickly. Call our lawyer, Joe Backer, in Kansas City to learn more about how you can seek damages to help pay for the expenses related to your illness.

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If you were diagnosed with cancer after being exposed to Shower to Shower or Baby Powder, call us today at 816-399-5219 or send us a message online.