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Has Your Loved One Been A Victim Of Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect?

Like other Missouri families, you may feel pressured to find the right nursing home facility for your love one. With so many nursing homes to choose from, finding one that you trust can seem like a daunting task.

Sadly, your hesitation to choose a place could be justified. You have probably heard horror stories about abuse and neglect in nursing homes. The problem is that many of those stories are true.

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Some Of The Worst Nursing Home Issues

Many negligence and abuse issues in nursing homes can put your loved one’s life in danger and cause serious injuries, including:

Sexual abuse: Nursing home residents often find themselves at the mercy of staff members, which means that residents may end up powerless to stop sexual abuse. Many patients fail to report this type of abuse out of fear, embarrassment, shame and more. Any signs of such abuse should be reported immediately.

Bedsores: Many nursing home residents have issues with mobility. If they spend a lot of time in bed or sitting in one place, they could develop pressure ulcers popularly known as bedsores. They generally appear on parts of the body that make the most contact with a surface, such as the buttocks, the backs of the legs and arms, and the spine and shoulders. Their presence could indicate neglect by nursing home staff.

Elopement: This is when a nursing home resident wanders away from the facility. Residents often suffer injuries due to falls, being hit by a car or other factors. Depending on the weather, a resident could suffer heat stroke or hypothermia. These are just some of the situations that your loved one could end up in if the nursing home staff fails to make sure that he or she remains safely in the facility.

What Is A Gray Alert Or Silver Alert?

When a nursing home resident disappears, a facility and/or family could take advantage of the Endangered Silver Advisory program administered by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Information regarding a missing adult can be quickly disseminated since time is critical in locating a patient with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or other cognitive conditions. The problem is that a nursing home may not take advantage of this service right away out of fear of discovery regarding allowing a resident to wander away without noticing.

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