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Missouri Isn’t Immune To Distracted Driving

Many of the accidents that take place here in Missouri are attributed to distracted driving, which is defined as anything that takes your eyes, mind or hands away from the task at hand – driving.

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What Things Distract Drivers?

Many things can distract someone while driving. Consider the following:

  • Eating or drinking primarily requires the use of your hands
  • Using a GPS system requires the use of your hands, eyes and mind
  • Grooming requires the use of your eyes and hands
  • Using a smartphone requires the use of your hands, eyes and mind
  • Watching videos on your phone, tablet, computer or your vehicle’s infotainment system requires your eyes and mind, and sometimes your hands
  • Searching for something in the vehicle requires the use of your hands and eyes
  • Talking to your passengers or on the phone requires your mind
  • Composing and sending or reading a text requires your hands, eyes and mind

Texting and driving has become something of an epidemic across the country. Some people say it’s as bad, if not worse, than drunk driving. The injuries you could suffer in a crash caused by someone texting could be catastrophic.

If A Distracted Driver Causes You Injuries

Missouri’s negligence laws work the same in distracted driving accidents as they do in any other crash. Proving negligence requires establishing that the other driver owed you a duty, that he or she breached that duty, that you suffered injuries and that the other driver’s actions caused them. Once you establish those facts, you must then show the court that you suffered economic and/or noneconomic damages as a result.

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