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Are Missouri’s dog bite laws favorable to injured victims?

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2024 | Injuries

Imagine strolling through the community and enjoying nature when a furry blur lunges at you, teeth bared and ready to attack. Dog bites happen, and the consequences can be devastating for victims.

Attacks and bites can result in catastrophic injury, disfigurement, chronic pain, mobility restrictions and emotional anguish. In Missouri, dog bite victims have rights, and being compensated for their suffering is a critical one.

From the “one-bite rule” to strict liability

At one time, Missouri followed the infamous “one-bite” rule, meaning owners were not liable for injuries unless their dogs had a documented history of aggression.

However, in 2009, the state adopted the much more victim-friendly strict liability standard. So now, if someone’s pet attacks and injures you without provocation on public or private property, the owner is generally on the hook, regardless of the animal’s prior behavior.

Compensation is not guaranteed

Sure, you suffered a savage attack, resulting in extreme physical and economic hardship, and you have the medical evidence to prove it. What could go wrong?

Many things can work against you in a dog bite claim. For example, if you were deemed to have played a role in causing the attack, you will likely pay a price. You could still recover compensation, but Missouri’s negligence laws may reduce it by your percentage of fault.

Strengthen your odds of maximum compensation

Dog bite and premises liability cases are not always as straightforward as other personal injury claims, which have their own unique complexities. A thorough investigation combined with medical and other evidence can make all the difference.

Consider seeking experienced legal guidance for your case. This can give you the best chance of getting the maximum possible compensation.