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3 texting while driving tricks that still cause crashes

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most people know that texting while driving is dangerous, but plenty of people choose to handle their phones while operating vehicles anyway. Some people believe that they have adequate driving skills to safely text while operating a motor vehicle. In some cases, they have special tricks or hacks that they think allow them to text safely while driving.

Workarounds may not be as safe as people believe them to be. For example, the three tactics outlined below are common on the modern roads and do not necessarily reduce the risk of a distracted driving crash.

Texting in parking lots

People often wait until they pull off of the main road to pick up their phone to read and respond to text messages. More people admit to manually using their devices in parking lots than on public roads. Unfortunately, drivers in parking lots are likely to encounter other vehicles in motion and pedestrians. Texting while moving in a vehicle, even in a parking lot, is a dangerous choice.

Texting at red lights

While someone might never dream of picking up their phone while their vehicle is in motion, they might want to respond to a text after stopping in traffic. Drivers often assume that if they are fast about viewing and responding to messages, they can text before they need to proceed through the intersection. Researchers have found that people remain mentally distracted for almost 30 seconds after they set down a digital device. Texting when stopped is therefore less safe than people expect.

Using talk-to-text software

Some people have software that allows their phone to read text messages out loud while they drive. They can also potentially input text information by speaking a text out loud. Many people become distracted by talk-to-text data entry and may spend more time looking at their phone than they might win texting normally.

Although people feel compelled to view and respond to text messages as quickly as possible, there is no safe way to do so while in traffic. Avoiding factors that increase the likelihood of a car crash can enhance people’s traffic safety. Drivers who make safety-conscious choices may also find it easier to hold others accountable if they do get into a crash.