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Signs of financial abuse in nursing homes

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2024 | Nursing Home Abuse

Financial abuse in nursing homes is a serious issue that can affect vulnerable residents who may be unable to protect themselves. It involves the illegal or improper use of a resident’s funds, property or assets by caregivers, staff or even other residents.

Recognizing the signs of financial abuse is crucial for protecting the well-being and assets of nursing home residents. Some of the most common signs of financial abuse in nursing homes include the following.

Unexplained financial transactions

One of the most obvious signs of financial abuse is unexplained transactions or withdrawals from a resident’s bank account. These may include large sums of money being withdrawn without the resident’s knowledge or consent, or transactions for goods or services that the resident did not authorize.

Changes in estate planning documents

Financial abuse can involve alterations to legal documents such as wills, trusts or powers of attorney. Caregivers or staff members may coerce residents into changing these documents to benefit themselves or others financially.

Missing personal belongings or cash

Residents may report missing personal belongings, valuable items or cash. Caregivers or staff members may steal these items for their own gain or coerce residents into giving them money or valuables.

Sudden changes in financial status

Sudden changes in a resident’s financial status, such as the inability to pay bills or purchase necessary items, can be indicative of financial abuse. Caregivers may be misusing the resident’s funds for their own purposes, leaving the resident without necessary resources.

Recognizing these signs of financial abuse is crucial for protecting nursing home residents and better ensuring their financial well-being. Families and caregivers should remain vigilant and seek guidance whenever necessary in this regard.