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How can in-car safety features contribute to crashes?

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Modern cars have far more safety features than the ones many drivers began their driving journeys in. Cars did not always come with seat belts or airbags, let alone crash avoidance systems, lane-keeping assistance, automatic emergency braking and blind spot monitoring.

So why do so many people still crash into each other? There are a few reasons, including the following:

People rely too much on the technology

Many people fail to realize that safety features have limits. They think they can relax and pay less attention because the vehicle will step in to stop them from ever crashing. While technology such as forward collision warning can do a lot to reduce the chance of a crash it can’t prevent them all. 

Some people don’t realize you need to turn a feature on

If you read through your vehicle’s user manual you might find that you can turn a particular feature on or off. Many people just assume the car comes with all the features activated, not even realizing there’s an option.

Some use the safety features as an excuse to push the boundaries

If you are driving an old car that would clearly disintegrate at the slightest impact, you will be acutely aware of your mortality and probably take great care to avoid putting your vehicle’s crash resistance to the test.

People driving a new car with a high safety rating may be less concerned about what would happen if they crash. They might take extra risks such as speeding which they wouldn’t if they were in the old wreck where their vulnerability was more acute.

Whatever car your drive and whatever safety features it has, you remain at the mercy of other drivers. If they injure you due to overconfidence in their vehicle’s safety features, you’ll need to learn about your options to claim compensation.