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2 factors that increase the likelihood of jackknife accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In today’s fast-paced world, where a constant flow of vehicles dominates roadways, understanding the intricacies of different types of accidents becomes crucial. Jackknife truck accidents stand out due to their potentially catastrophic consequences.

Here are two significant factors that increase the likelihood of jackknife truck accidents, the impact they can have plus some measures to mitigate their occurrence.

Brake malfunctions and mechanical issues

Properly functioning brakes are the backbone of road safety. When a truck’s brakes fail or are applied abruptly, it can lead to an abrupt stop of the cab while the trailer continues to move forward. This stark difference in motion can force the trailer to swing around, causing a jackknife.

Routine maintenance checks and inspections are the unsung heroes of accident prevention. Identifying and addressing potential brake or mechanical issues before they escalate can significantly reduce the risk of jackknife accidents. From brake pad wear to air brake system integrity, meticulous attention to detail can save lives on the road.

Improper loading and weight distribution

Jackknife truck accidents can also be influenced by how cargo is loaded and distributed within the trailer. When the weight is unevenly distributed or not properly secured, it may lead to a destabilizing effect. In the event of sudden braking or steering maneuvers, the unbalanced cargo can shift, causing the trailer to swing uncontrollably.

Proper loading and weight distribution is a shared responsibility of trucking companies and drivers. Rigorous training on cargo handling, coupled with stringent adherence to weight limits and securement protocols, can significantly mitigate the risk of jackknife accidents. A well-loaded trailer is a step closer to accident-free journeys.

Knowledge is the ultimate armor against accidents. It’s also the key to pursuing the compensation you deserve should you get involved in a truck accident.