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What does emotional abuse in nursing homes look like?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2023 | Nursing Home Abuse

When you send your loved one to reside in a nursing home, you trust that the caregivers at the facility will treat them with the dignity they deserve in their sunset days. Unfortunately, nursing home injuries are not uncommon, and when they happen, the outcome can be devastating. If a loved one experiences abuse at the hands of the nursing home staff, you may potentially be able to hold the facility liable through a nursing home abuse claim.

One of the most common forms or nursing home abuse is emotional abuse. It is, therefore, important to keep an eye out for emotional trauma in addition to physical trauma, neglect and exploitation.

Understanding emotional abuse in nursing homes

Basically, emotional abuse happens when a caregiver or someone else at the facility causes undue emotional trauma or distress to a resident. This can involve a caregiver exerting undue influence over the resident purposefully to manipulate or hurt them. As caregivers have a duty of care to the residents, the law generally allows you to pursue civil remedies if your loved one is emotionally abused while residing at a nursing home.

Caretaker conduct that may amount to emotional abuse

Emotional abuse in nursing homes can be broadly categorized as verbal or non-verbal. Here are examples of verbal emotional abuse:

  • Yelling or screaming at the resident
  • Threatening the resident with violence
  • Humiliating or mocking the resident
  • Trivializing the resident’s concerns

Unlike physical abuse, emotional abuse can be difficult to detect. However, knowing the signs of emotional abuse can help you to protect your loved one. Some of the most common signs of emotional abuse include a sudden change in behavior, an appearance of fear of the perpetrator and unexplained withdrawal and anxiety.

Safeguarding your loved one’s rights

Emotional abuse can leave victims significantly traumatized. Learning more about Missouri nursing home abuse laws can inspire you to seek legal guidance and help you to pursue justice on behalf of your loved one if they have been emotionally abused.