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Is recovery possible after a spinal cord injury?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Injuries

Part of what makes a spinal cord injury so debilitating and expensive is that the consequences are often permanent. Someone who suffers a complete spinal cord injury in a car crash will typically experience a permanent loss of motor function and physical sensation below the site of their injury. 

They will require medical treatment to reduce their symptoms and ensure their ongoing health, but they will often have lifelong limitations on what work they can do and their independent living options. 

Is some medical recovery possible after a spinal cord injury? 

Certain scenarios lead to better outcomes than others

The average spinal cord injury will lead to permanent medical consequences for the patient affected, but not every injury is as severe as the next. The placement of the injury on the spine and also the extent of the damage to the spinal cord will determine someone’s prognosis. 

Some people have incomplete spinal cord injuries. The physical trauma they experienced may have pinched or partially cut their spinal cord but did not sever the connection between their spine and lower body. Therefore, with trauma care and rehabilitative support, they may increase some of their functionality and decrease the limits on their daily lives. 

Although there have been some impressive breakthroughs in the care available for complete spinal cord injuries, the most exciting advances are years from becoming widely available. For the most part, only those with incomplete injuries can expect a reduction in their symptoms after an injury to their spinal cord. 

Learning more about the lasting consequences of a catastrophic injury can help someone pursue the right path forward. Experienced legal guidance can help victims of these devastating injuries obtain the compensation they need for their families and their future.