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How inadequate staffing puts nursing home patients in danger

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Nursing Home Abuse

People move into nursing homes in Missouri because they have challenging medical issues that their family members can’t manage or because they have no one nearby to provide them with daily support. Those with Alzheimer’s disease or prone to falls will require around-the-clock support just to manage the tasks of daily living, and nursing homes can help provide that support. 

Families and residents typically pay thousands of dollars monthly for a bed in a nursing home, and they expect a reasonable standard of care in return for that investment. Unfortunately, a shortage in staffing has made these facilities less safe than they were in years prior. 

Understaffed facilities must compromise the standard of care provided

Missouri has many nursing homes with far too few people working there. When there aren’t enough nursing home employees working to respond to all of the residents in need of help, people may end up waiting unreasonable amounts of time to get a meal or go to the bathroom. They could also end up hurt because they try to manage things on their own. 

As if the neglect that often stems from understaffing isn’t bad enough, the possibility of abuse is also an elevated concern when staffing at a nursing home decreases. Workers may take their frustrations out on residents because of their ever-increasing job obligations. 

There is also reason to worry that the nursing home may start compromising its standards when hiring new workers, thereby unnecessarily exposing residents to danger. Recognizing that inadequate staffing could lead to a loved one’s abuse or neglect can help those who have a family member in a nursing home serve as more effective advocates for their loved ones.