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What steps should you take after a serious motor vehicle accident?

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

You may have had a clear idea of how your day was going to go, but a car crash can entirely upend those plans and leave you uncertain of what comes next. Now that you’ve been in an accident, what should you do now?

Take steps to protect yourself and your passengers.

After an accident, other cars can create additional danger for those involved. If you are able to pull your car to the side of the road or to get yourself and others away from traffic, this can protect you while you assess the damage done to your vehicle.

Contact the authorities.

Calling the police after a crash is an important step for a variety of reasons. The authorities will create documentation of the accident, and that documentation can be key to a later insurance claim.

Seek medical attention.

Whether or not the severity of your injuries is immediately apparent, it is important to have your condition assessed by a doctor. Your healthcare provider can identify your injuries, treat them early and prevent them from growing worse over time. This can be especially important for injuries like traumatic brain injuries, which have symptoms that may not appear for hours, days or even weeks after a crash.

If possible, document the scene and any witness information.

While getting to safety and caring for anyone who is injured should come first, you should take steps to document the accident if you are able. Take photographs of the damage, document the time and location and record information about every driver involved and any witnesses to the crash. This documentation can help support your insurance claim and potential legal action in the future.

Contact an attorney.

With so much to focus on—from your health to making an insurance claim—you may want to reach out to an attorney after a crash. They can offer legal guidance, help you negotiate with insurance companies and hold negligent drivers responsible for their part in the accident.