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Proving inadequate security in a premises liability action

When individuals in Missouri enter the property of others as a visitor, guest or patron, they are likely under the impression that they are safe to be on the premises. For the most part, private and public property owners take steps to ensure their property is safe. Unfortunately, this does not always occur, as an unsuspecting visitor could suffer significant harm because a property owner failed to ensure their property is safe and secure.

At The Backer Law Firm, LLC, we understand that victims of a slip-and-fall or other incidents on the premises of another may not be aware that negligence was the cause of the accident. Our attorneys not only take the time to further investigate the matter but also ensure our clients in the Independence area understand their rights and options when it comes to holding a property owner accountable for their injuries and losses.

When proving fault of a property owner, our law firm will focus on the negligence that led to the incident. Oftentimes, this means that inadequate security was the cause. This typically means that there was insufficient lighting, lack of security cameras, lack of security guards, failure to warn patrons of prior crimes on the premises, failure to erect fences, gates and other barriers to the property and the lack of attention to overgrown shrubs, bushes or other landscaping.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s premises liability website. When inadequate security exists on a property, this could result in serious harm to a visitor. Those suffering injuries and damages due to an incident occurring on the property of another should understand their rights and options when it comes to filing a premise liability action.