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3 signs a driver may be distracted

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Driving a vehicle requires you to remain alert for others who might not be driving so well. One of the driver behaviors you need to be alert to is distraction.  

But what does a distracted driver look like? Here are three signs that could indicate someone is not focused on the road:

1. They are not sat upright looking straight ahead

If you notice a driver appears to be leaning away from the wheel, they might be searching for something on the floor. If you see their head turned to a passenger, there’s a good chance they are deep in conversation. Both mean the driver is distracted to some degree.

2. They are slow to move off after stopping

Have you ever sat behind someone when the lights have changed to green, or after halting traffic gets moving again, wondering why they are so slow to move off? It’s probably because they were distracted. An alert driver will notice the lights changing or traffic ahead moving and be ready to move straight off as soon as it is safe.

3. They brake harshly

Braking should be a smooth affair. While there are occasions when even the most alert drivers will need to brake suddenly, paying attention to what is happening around them usually allows them to notice the need to slow or stop well in advance and thus brake smoothly. Sudden braking may indicate a driver spotted something late because they were not paying attention.

If a distracted driver injures you in a crash, you should learn how to hold them responsible for compensation.