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How common is elder abuse?

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2019 | Nursing Home Abuse

Placing an aging loved one in a nursing home facility has become the norm in Missouri and elsewhere. Family members are often unable to take on the task of caring for an elderly family member on their own, which means they will rely on a nursing home to provide the care and assistance their loved one requires. Finding a good nursing home, however, can be challenging, as nursing home abuse and neglect has become more and more concerning across the nation.

How common is elder abuse? Based on current statistics from the National Center on Elder Abuse, roughly 10% of aging adults experience some form of abuse, with these occurring most frequently at nursing home facilities. This makes it imperative for family members to not only take the time to understand the facility they are placing a loved one at but also know the signs of neglect and abuse.

Harm caused to the elderly tenants at a nursing home facility is often due to neglect. This also means that these harms are likely not intentional. Nonetheless, neglect can have serious and even deadly effects on a nursing home resident.

Understaffing is a common cause of nursing home neglect. It is the reason why there isn’t enough time to perform key activities, such as moving a patient so they do not develop bedsores, bathing them and feeding them. This could also lead to medication errors, which could seriously harm a resident.

Although it is not always clear when and if an elderly loved one is experiencing abuse or neglect at a nursing home facility, if a family member even suspects this conduct is occurring, it is possible to take steps to address these concerns.

By further investigating the matter, the possible signs and symptoms of elder abuse can be assessed, and if such conduct is occurring, family members can then take legal action against the responsible parties.