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What evidence can be used to support a car accident claim?

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Victims of car accidents can suffer from severe injuries. Their injuries may cause victims to experience financial loss because of medical bills, long-term care, vehicle repair costs, unemployment and other hardships. It may be possible to recover financially by filing a car accident claim.

A car accident claim can be used to hold a driver liable for causing injuries to others as a result of negligence. If successful, the injured victim can recover damages. Victims can improve their car accident case by having strong evidence, including the following: 

Police report

A police report created at the time of the accident can contain information about when the accident occurred, who was involved in the accident and why the accident happened. This is possibly the most important piece of evidence used in a car accident claim to establish liable parties. 

Medical report

A medical exam made following a car accident can detail what kind of injuries a victim is suffering from related to the wreck. The medical report could be used to directly connect a victim’s injury to the wreck.

Photographic evidence

Victims should always take pictures of a car accident after it happens, if at all possible. Photos could be used to show the damage to vehicles and the severity of injuries, and they can even be used in accident reconstruction to establish fault.

Video recording

A dash camera or surveillance camera recording could show the events that led to a car accident. A recording could be strong evidence in court when proving fault and utterly invaluable to your claim.

Witness testimony 

Someone may have seen the accident happen. A witness’s testimony could be used in court to support a case, so if a Good Samaritan stops after the wreck, make sure you get their contact infromation.

Having the right evidence for a car accident case could increase a victim’s ability to collect compensation for their injuries and losses. Legal guidance can provide support in a car accident case.