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Who pays for the costs of a Missouri hit-and-run wreck?

On Behalf of | May 28, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The possibility of a collision is one of the risks that people must accept when they decide to travel on public roads. Traffic laws in Missouri help regulate the actions of drivers and can reduce the likelihood of severe collisions. If all motorists consistently followed traffic statutes, that careful driving could reduce the number of serious collisions that occur on Missouri roads.

Unfortunately, drivers often fail to follow the law as they should. They might make mistakes that break the law and cause a crash. They may then continue breaking the law after the crash occurs. Technically, Missouri requires that drivers stop to report a crash and check on each other after a collision. However, some people flee the scene of a crash to avoid responsibility.

How can someone cover the costs generated by a hit-and-run collision in Missouri?

Using uninsured motorist protection

Technically, Missouri has rules in place that mitigate the risk of this exact situation. The mandatory insurance coverage in Missouri includes uninsured motorist protection. Drivers can file a claim against this special coverage after a hit-and-run crash. Their own policy can help pay for the damage to their vehicles and any injuries they may have incurred. The problem with this approach is that a claim even when someone is not at fault for a crash is likely to increase what they pay for insurance in the future.

Locating the hit-and-run driver

The best outcome of a hit-and-run collision typically involves finding the driver who fled the scene of the wreck and holding them personally accountable. Police departments across Missouri do investigate hit-and-run collisions. If they can identify a driver using traffic camera footage or other evidence, the person affected by the crash can potentially file a claim against that driver’s insurance. They might also be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the motorists if the reason they fled the scene was that they didn’t have proper insurance coverage.

Whether someone needs to talk to police officers about the state of an investigation, look for evidence, file a lawsuit or negotiate an insurance settlement, they might need help during that process. Hiring a lawyer can be a smart move for those attempting to recoup the losses caused by a Missouri hit-and-run collision. Those who are proactive about protecting themselves can potentially minimize the losses they incur because someone else didn’t follow state law.