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Why uninsured motorists are a big concern on Missouri roads

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Purchasing a liability insurance policy is one of the most basic requirements for Missouri drivers. Most people do not have enough in their personal savings accounts to fully cover the costs of a crash even when there is only property damage involved. 

If a crash put someone in the hospital or leaves them unable to work, the affected individuals will typically rely on insurance coverage to cover their expenses. The state requires both bodily injury liability coverage and property damage protection. 

Although most people involved in a wreck may expect that they can make a simple claim for insurance coverage afterward, a significant percentage of Missouri motorists will learn too late that not everyone follows the law. 

Most drivers encounter numerous uninsured drivers every day

No one knows the exact circumstances of the people that they encounter in traffic, but statistically most drivers see numerous other motorists without insurance every day. As of 2019, the most recent year with an analysis available, Missouri had the 12th-highest rate of uninsured drivers. Roughly 16.4% of motorists won’t have coverage as they should.  

When one of those irresponsible individuals causes a Missouri car crash, the person who isn’t at fault for the wreck may not have the support they expect to cover medical costs, lost wages and vehicle repair expenses. Often, the only support available will be either someone’s uninsured motorist coverage or a lawsuit against the motorist at fault for the crash. 

Identifying and addressing safety concerns and financial risks on Missouri roads can help people better protect themselves from motor vehicle collisions.