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The connection between car crashes and amputations

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Although the actual crash that occurs when two vehicles collide may only last for a fraction of a second, the impact can cause devastating injuries. Someone’s placement at the time of a crash and the types of vehicles involved in the wreck can both have major implications for the injuries someone might suffer. 

In certain scenarios, such as when a passenger had their arm out the window at the time of a crash or the collision involved two vehicles of very different sizes, a car crash could lead to limb loss or amputation. Such injuries often lead to major medical expenses and other challenges for the person injured. 

How collisions lead to amputations

Sometimes, the force of the crash will be enough to cause a traumatic amputation. Such scenarios are particularly dangerous as the person hurt in the collision could be at risk of extreme blood loss and severe infections. 

However, not all amputations occur during a wreck. Some of them take place in medical environments after a crash. When someone experienced a crushing injury or other severe physical trauma to a limb or extremity, the doctors providing emergency care may determine that they will not be able to repair the damaged tissue and must therefore amputate. 

Surgical amputations after car crashes can be just as traumatizing and expensive as limb loss that occurs during the wreck. Like other catastrophic injuries, collision-related amputations may require personal injury lawsuits when insurance won’t cover someone’s expenses. Learning more about the worst outcomes possible in car crashes can help people better protect themselves before and after a wreck.