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How motorists prove fault after a serious car wreck

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Figuring out who is to blame for a crash can be a challenge, as there are many people who simply do not wish to accept personal responsibility for their own bad choices. Some of those people have a hard time even being honest with themselves, while others might lie to police officers and insurance adjusters because they just don’t want to have to accept responsibility for the situation. 

After a Missouri car crash, determining who is at fault is an important part of the process. How does one motorist establish who is to blame for a wreck that left them with significant injuries? 

They look for irrefutable evidence

The best evidence possible is objective and difficult to challenge. When it comes to motor vehicle collisions, there are multiple kinds of objective evidence that could help demonstrate that one party is to blame for the crash. 

Traffic, dashboard or security camera footage showing dangerous behavior at the wheel could help one driver show that someone else’s dangerous practices on the road caused a wreck. Chemical test records and cell phone company data usage records are also hard-to-challenge forms of evidence that can help establish that one party is to blame for the wreck. 

Other forms of evidence that may also help hold another party accountable through an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit would include witness statements and crash reconstructions.  Drivers who interact with others and take pictures of the scene of a crash can help preserve key details for later. 

Those involved in the crash may need to gather evidence if they hope to hold the other party accountable for causing their wreck. Establishing fault is a key step toward pursuing compensation after a major collision. Experienced legal guidance can help.