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Bedsores can be a warning sign of nursing home abuse or neglect

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Nursing Home Abuse

Bedsores can technically develop at any stage in someone’s life if they are immobile. However, people largely associate bedsores with older adults who have limited mobility and live in nursing homes. Medical professionals also call bedsores “pressure ulcers” or “decubitus” ulcers. 

It is the force of gravity combined with someone’s own body weight pushing down on a specific part of their anatomy that will lead to the development of a sore. Given that bedsores are a well-known risk in nursing homes, discovering that a loved one has numerous or severe sores could be a warning sign that they have endured neglect or intentional abuse. 

Most bed sores are preventable

It takes quite some time for just the weight of someone’s body to compromise their skin and lead to damage to the tissue underneath. While early-stage bedsores could develop somewhat quickly, more severe bedsores are typically an indicator of prolonged neglect. Moving someone, providing cushioning and even rotating someone who is completely immobile are always that nursing home workers can prevent bed sores from forming or worsening. 

Bed sores are treatable

When a nursing home resident develops bedsores, staff members should recognize their symptoms quickly and take prompt action. Failing to treat that sore before it worsens is a possible sign of neglect. So, too, is the failure to clean the sores to prevent infection or to treat an infection before it spreads or becomes systemic. 

Family members shocked to discover that their loved one has numerous bedsores or a severe infection caused by a single ignored bedsore may have reason to worry about the standard of care at a facility. Connecting someone’s bedsores with nursing home neglect or intentional abuse via the denial of support services could help family members stand up for a loved one after mistreatment at a nursing home. Experienced legal guidance can also help.