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3 security investments that keep workers and customers safe

Landlords and businesses typically have an obligation to the public to maintain their premises in a safe manner. Not only does this mean addressing obvious concerns like broken handrails in stairways but also the possibility of criminal activity. 

Negligent security practices at a property may open up a business or landlord to premises liability claims that result in large insurance settlements or civil lawsuits. If someone can show that reasonable security investments would have prevented an incident, they may have grounds to hold the business or landlord accountable for negligent security. 

What basic security investments do property owners often fail to make? 

1. Adequate lighting

Whether there is a bathroom downstairs in a restaurant with an unlit hallway as the only point of access or a large parking lot outside a hotel that is pitch black on overcast nights, a lack of lighting can contribute to criminal activity. The investment in proper lighting serves as a major deterrent to opportunistic criminals, especially in parking lots and other outdoor spaces. 

2. Security cameras and signs

The visible placement of security cameras around a property can let people know that there will be evidence if they commit a crime nearby. Indoor and outdoor security cameras conspicuously placed and signs warning of recording on the premises can help warn those with nefarious intentions about the risks of committing a crime at this location. 

3. Security professionals

Hiring a security guard to monitor the entrance to a building or to patrol a facility at night could be a necessary measure in high-risk environments. They can also serve as a last line of defense when someone does attempt to commit a crime. 

The type of business, the location of a property and local crime rates are all among the factors that will determine whether or not a company’s security practices were negligent. Learning more about security issues and premises liability claims can benefit those who experience criminal activity in a public place.