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Do you regularly drive on one of Missouri’s most dangerous roads?

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It’s tragic whenever a serious injury or death occurs on Missouri roads. Statistics from the Missouri state government and several crash statistics organizations reveal that some roads are much more dangerous than others, due to high traffic, sharp turns and other unsafe conditions. Make sure you know whether your work commute or other errands regularly take you on one of Missouri’s deadliest roads.

Highway 63

Highway 63 crosses the entire state from north to south, passing through Jefferson City. This highway is far and away the deadliest road statewide. Every year, it sees an average of 15 deaths, as well as dozens of crashes resulting in severe injuries.

Many of these car accidents are the result of human activity, such as driving under the influence, distracted driving, drowsy driving and speeding. Some of them, however, are the result of sharp curves and dangerous intersections along the highway – particularly in the stretch between Columbia and Kirksville.

Interstate 70

Highways that pass through heavily populated areas see higher numbers of fatal accidents due to the sheer number of cars on the road. Interstate 70, therefore, is one of the worst highways statewide in terms of total number of crashes, because it passes through several of Missouri’s biggest cities.

In the west, I-70 starts in Kansas City and crosses the state to St. Louis in the east. Along the way, it passes through Columbia, Wentzville, and St. Peters. Most of the accidents occur closer to St. Louis.

Some accidents are unavoidable, while others are caused by the negligence or recklessness of other drivers. It’s good to know where the majority of accidents occur, so that you can be on your guard and practice safe driving in order to keep yourself and your family safe while on these roads.