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About premises liability and negligent security

Personal injury can happen in the most unexpected ways. Many could imagine being injured in a car accident or possibly at work, but most never imagine that they could walk onto a person or company’s property and be injured there. Property owners have a duty of care to those who visit their property – especially business owners. Failure to uphold a certain level of care can mean a person could seek damages for injuries rendered.

Part of taking care of your property, for some, means having adequate security patrolling the grounds. This can mean different things for different properties, but it ensures that the tenants/employees/customers that enter the property can be safe and secure. Most importantly, adequate security ensures that those who enter a property and kept watch of thus are better protected from harm.

Determining if your injury could be attributed to premises liability depends on a variety of factors. The circumstances under which the visitor entered the property just before the injury is relevant. Also, in which way the property is being used. Lastly, foreseeability of the accident or injury that occurred and the reasonableness of the owner’s effort or security company’s effort to repair a dangerous condition or warn visitors of the dangerous condition.

All of the factors have to line up when it comes to premises liability and negligent security. Those who have a duty of care to watch, protect and prevent injuries and accidents with proper security usually take their job very seriously. However, mistakes can still happen. These mistakes could be considered for a personal injury suit if they result in bodily harm.