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Justice after a truck accident

Commercial trucks are usually the largest and heaviest vehicles on the roads today. When these large trucks lose control, malfunction, or otherwise don’t operate as intended, it’s very likely that an accident will occur and others will be injured as a result. In Missouri, the law allows for personal injury victims to seek answers and compensation for truck accident injuries that occur due to other’s negligence. Fault for these accidents may not always be easy to spot upon first glance.

This is because many parties could have had an impact on the fact that a commercial truck caused commercial truck accident injuries. Oftentimes, the truck company and the product being hauled belong to two different companies. If the truck company failed to maintenance their vehicle properly, or if the company of the product being hauled added too much weight to the vehicle, fault would rest on multiple parties. Also, truck drivers are expected to be properly trained and regulated, failure to do so could indicate fault of the truck company. Of course, truckers themselves can be held liable if they act negligently while behind the wheel.

At The Backer Law Firm LLC, we know first-hand how devastating truck accident injuries can be. That’s why we are here to help those who need to seek compensation after suffering losses. Beyond medical expenses, there are often lost wages and other financial repercussions for being the victim in a commercial truck accident. There are other damages that can be sought, such as those related to loss of quality of life.

If the defendant in a commercial truck accidents – plaintiff case has proof of gross negligence, one can seek punitive damages. These damages are intended to ‘punish’ the defendant for being reckless, similar to the way a toddler is put in a time out for bad behavior. The difference is that punitive damages can reach the millions of dollars, if deemed appropriate by the court. Our legal team is adept at handling these matters, and we stand ready to help those Missourians who have been injured by the preventable negligence of another.