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Missouri ranked second worst for driver safety

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A recent report suggests that Missouri may be one of the least safe states to drive in.

The report is by WalletHub, and it compared the states on overall driver experience. This was gauged by looking at 30 factors touching on driving and vehicle ownership.

In the overall rankings, Missouri wasn’t too far out from the middle. It came in at No. 32. But, the state was found to have done particularly poorly in the factors related to safety.

The report split the 30 factors it used for gauging driver experience into four general categories. These were: access to vehicles & maintenance, cost of ownership & maintenance, traffic & infrastructure and safety. In addition to getting ranked for overall driver experience, the states were also ranked in each of these individual categories.

Safety was by far Missouri’s poorest performance among the categories. The state was ranked No. 49 in this category. The only state ranked worse for safety was Montana. The state that ranked the best in safety was Rhode Island.

Do you think Missouri is a dangerous place to drive? In your opinion, what are the biggest safety challenges that the state’s drivers face? What do you think should be done in response to these challenges?

Traffic safety dangers can lead to serious crashes. Such accidents in turn, can have all sorts of significant impacts on people’s lives. Skilled personal injury attorneys can help car crash victims here in Missouri with fighting for the fair compensation they need to cover the financial ramifications of these impacts.