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Understanding the Telephone Consumer Protection Act

There was a time when getting a phone call was an exciting experience; however, with current technology and the ability to see who is calling, many of these calls go ignored. Seeing an unknown number often means that it is not a party one wants to speak with. Specifically, the caller is likely a telemarketer and likely a call one does not want to take. While it is easy to let a call go, this is not so easy when the same number calls repeatedly, even calling during the morning and evening hours.

Federal bill would address robo and spam call abuse

In June of this year alone around 4.4 billion robocalls were made in the U.S. This is frustrating and annoying to those in Missouri and elsewhere who find themselves on the receiving end of a robocall, especially when these calls constitute robo and spam call abuse. However, a federal bill addressing this situation, known as the "Stopping Bad Robocalls Act," is moving through the legislative process. It has been approved by the House Energy and Commerce Committee and is now awaiting a vote by the U.S. House of Representatives.

IRS warns about phone scams during tax season

The approach of the filing deadline for individual income tax returns also initiates the season for telephone scams predicated on the population's general anxiety about their income tax liability and the Internal Revenue Service. As a result, people in northern Missouri and Kansas may begin receiving telephone calls from individuals purporting to represent the IRS.

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