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Proving inadequate security in a premises liability action

When individuals in Missouri enter the property of others as a visitor, guest or patron, they are likely under the impression that they are safe to be on the premises. For the most part, private and public property owners take steps to ensure their property is safe. Unfortunately, this does not always occur, as an unsuspecting visitor could suffer significant harm because a property owner failed to ensure their property is safe and secure.

About premises liability and negligent security

Personal injury can happen in the most unexpected ways. Many could imagine being injured in a car accident or possibly at work, but most never imagine that they could walk onto a person or company's property and be injured there. Property owners have a duty of care to those who visit their property - especially business owners. Failure to uphold a certain level of care can mean a person could seek damages for injuries rendered.

Deadly accident involving falling table

Many schools and child care centers devote large rooms to multiple purposes, including cafeteria and gymnasiums. These multi-use rooms often have large pieces of folding equipment attached to their walls. Most such equipment has reliable devices for holding them in place, but the failure of a hook or clamp can have disastrous results. An early childhood center in Poplar Bluff was the scene of such an accident on February 1, 2019 when a large table fell on and killed a four-year-old student.

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