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Understanding the Telephone Consumer Protection Act

There was a time when getting a phone call was an exciting experience; however, with current technology and the ability to see who is calling, many of these calls go ignored. Seeing an unknown number often means that it is not a party one wants to speak with. Specifically, the caller is likely a telemarketer and likely a call one does not want to take. While it is easy to let a call go, this is not so easy when the same number calls repeatedly, even calling during the morning and evening hours.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act came into action as a response to the increased rate of consumer complaints regarding marketing calls and pre-recorded messages. These rules outline what information a telemarketer or anyone soliciting via phone to provide. This include his or her name, the name of the entity they are call on behalf of and a telephone or address the entity can be reached at. Furthermore, this Act prohibits calls from being made before 8:00 a.m. and after 9:00 p.m.

It is important to note that telemarketers cannot call if your number is on the do not call registry. Additionally, they are required to inform the person they called if it is a sale, they may not misrepresent information about products, prizes and investments and they must be clear on the total cost of the goods or services offered.

There are different types of telemarketing fraud to be aware of. This includes sweepstakes and prize offerings, vacation offers, charities, investment opportunities and recovery services. Thus, it is important to not give out personally identifiable information to an unknown caller, as scammers will often use these tactics as an attempt to separate you from your money.

When one gets unwanted phone calls, he or she may think that it is just something he or she will have to deal with; however, this is not the case. Consumer protection laws outline how and when these calls can be made, and if they are not in compliance, it is possible to take action. This not only makes the calls stop but could help one recover damages if the matter causes harms.