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Are you a would-be plaintiff in a commercial truck accident?

When the average person thinks of the justice system, they think of a criminal court proceeding. However, there are many facets of the legal system that don't include that exact narrative. You may have never thought that you would become a plaintiff in a lawsuit. However, if you were personally injured after a collision with a commercial truck in Missouri, you may be a candidate for personal injury damages.

And rightly so, especially since a truck accident injury can negatively alter a person's life for months or even years. Beyond the fact that a person's health and well-being is harmed due to truck accident injury, a truck accident injury can also impact a person's ability to earn a living to support themselves and their family. This could be a short or long-term reality after a person's health is impacted in a commercial truck accident. As this isn't generally a situation that happens twice in a person's life -- most truck accident victims have many questions about their legal options following the crash.

One question often asked after a commercial truck accident is, who is liable? While this may at first appear to be a quick and easy question to answer, the truth is multiple defendants could be lurking below the surface who had a role of liability in a truck accident injury. The truck company, freight company, truck driver and other related third-parties could potentially face liability. Understanding how your truck accident is connected to the potential defendants is crucial to seeking damages from the correct and obligated parties.

A full investigation can really help to bring small details to light. The smallest of details could mean the biggest of differences in a personal injury case. Proving a duty of care existed, was breached and directly caused damages are the three biggest topics in a personal injury case. If you can answer those questions, you will have a good shot at pursuing compensation for your or a loved one's losses after a commercial truck accident.

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