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If your rights as a consumer have been violated, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side. At The Backer Law Firm, we have helped numerous individuals throughout Kansas and Missouri pursue consumer fraud lawsuits. We will work with you closely to help you understand your rights and pursue justice in the legal system.

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We Resolve Disputes In And Out Of Court

Many consumer rights lawsuits involve auto dealer fraud. Examples of this type of consumer fraud include odometer rollback, failure to disclose prior wreck damage and forging signatures.

Consumers in Missouri and Kansas are protected by "lemon laws," which govern the sale of used automobiles. Auto dealers are required by law to disclose any information about prior damage, as well as prior status as a rental car or fleet vehicle.

Many lemon law cases are settled out of court, but some require complex litigation. In either case, an experienced attorney can help consumers fight for compensation for the damage they have sustained.

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